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I received my B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) in 2010 and 2015 respectively. I am currently an associate professor at College of Computer Science, Nankai University (Tianjin, China).


My research interests lies in computer graphics, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Current researches involve learning-based/physically-based simulation, 3D scene geometry reconstruction and analysis. I am looking for students who want to impress others and are motivated to do frontier researches.


For 2024 graduate student applications, feel free to contact me via e-mail.





NeRC: Rendering Planar Caustics by Learning Implicit Neural Representations

Jiaxiong Qiu, Ze-Xin Yin, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2023.3259382


[PDF 7.16MB][Video 1.56MB]





Multi-Space Neural Radiance Fields

Ze-Xin Yin, JiaXiong Qiu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren

CVPR 2023


[PDF 6.21MB][Supplemental PDF 8.18MB][Project Page]





Looking Through the Glass: Neural Surface Reconstruction Against High Specular Reflections

Jiaxiong Qiu, Peng-Tao Jiang, Yifan Zhu, Ze-Xin Yin, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren

CVPR 2023


[PDF 8.33MB][Supplemental PDF 14.0MB]





Differentiable Learning of Scalable Multi-Agent Navigation Policies

Xiaohan Ye, Zherong Pan, Xifeng Gao, Kui Wu, Bo Ren

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, DOI: 10.1109/LRA.2023.3248440


[PDF 1.26MB][Video 36.9MB]





Versatile Control of Fluid-Directed Solid Objects Using Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning

Bo Ren, Xiaohan Ye, Zherong Pan, Taiyuan Zhang

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2022, Vol. 42, Issue 2


[PDF 14.1MB][Video 196MB][Code]





EDN: Salient Object Detection via Extremely-Downsampled Network

Yu-Huan Wu, Yun Liu, Le Zhang, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2022, Vol 31, pp. 3125-3136


[PDF 1.99MB]





Transfusion: A Novel SLAM Method Focused on Transparent Objects

Yifan Zhu, Jiaxiong Qiu, Bo Ren

ICCV 2021


[PDF 2.56MB][Code 14.5MB]





Unified Particle System for Multiple-fluid Flow and Porous Material

Bo Ren, Ben Xu, Chen-feng Li

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2021, Vol. 40, Issue 4 (ACM SIGGRAPH 2021)


[PDF 19.8MB][Video 58.1MB][Code 4.8MB]





Incompressibility Enforcement for Multiple-fluid SPH Using Deformation Gradient

Bo Ren, Wei He, Chen-feng Li, Xu Chen

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2021, Vol. 28, Issue 10


[PDF 23.2MB][Main Video 115MB][Supplemental Video 56.8MB]





Solving the fluid pressure with an iterative multi-resolution guided network

Rong-Jie Xu, Bo Ren

The Visual Computer, 2022, Vol. 38


[PDF 1.19MB][Video 67.4MB]





VecRoad: Point-based Iterative Graph Exploration for Road Graphs Extraction

Yong-Qiang Tan, Shang-Hua Gao, Xuan-Yi Li, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren

CVPR 2020


[PDF 888KB]





GPU-Based Contact-Aware Trajectory Optimization Using A Smooth Force Model

Zherong Pan, Bo Ren, Dinesh Manocha

SCA 2019


[PDF 12.5MB]





Geometry-Aware ICP for Scene Reconstruction from RGB-D Camera

Bo Ren, Jia-Cheng Wu, Ya-Lei Lv, Ming-Ming Cheng, Shao-Ping Lu

Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2019, Vol.34, Issue 3


[PDF 2.79MB]





Visual Simulation of Multiple Fluids in Computer Graphics: A State-of-the-Art Report

Bo Ren, Xu-Yun Yang, Ming C. Lin, Nils Thuerey, Matthias Teschner, Chenfeng Li

Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2018, Vol.33, Issue 3


[PDF 6.83MB]





Fluid Directed Rigid Body Control using Deep Reinfocement Learning

Pingchuan Ma, Yunsheng Tian, Zherong Pan, Bo Ren, Dinesh Manocha

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2018, Vol. 37, Issue 4 (ACM SIGGRAPH 2018)







Controllable Dendritic Crystal Simulation Using Orientation Field

Bo Ren, Jiahui Huang, Ming C. Lin, Shi-Min Hu

Computer Graphics Forum, 2018, Vol. 37, Issue 2 (Eurographics 2018)


[PDF 43.2MB][Video 9.02MB]





FLIC: Fast Linear Iterative Clustering with Active Search

Jiaxing Zhao, Bo Ren, Qibin Hou, Ming-Ming Cheng, Paul L. Rosin

AAAI 2018


[PDF 3.24MB]





Automatic Image Description Generation with Emotional Classifiers

Yan Sun, Bo Ren

CCCV 2017






Real-time High-fidelity Surface Flow Simulation

Bo Ren, Tailing Yuan, Chenfeng Li, Kun Xu, and Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2017, Vol. 24, Issue 8, pp 2411-2423


[PDF 60.2MB][Video 82.5MB]





Fast Multiple-fluid Simulation Using Helmholtz Free Energy

Tao Yang, Jian Chang, Bo Ren, Ming C. Lin, Jian Jun Zhang, and Shi-Min Hu

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2015, Vol. 34 No. 6 (ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2015)


[PDF 7.6MB][Video 89.1MB]





A simple approach for bubble modelling from multiphase fluid simulation

Bo Ren, Yuntao Jiang, Chen-Feng Li, Tao Yang, and Ming C. Lin

Computational Visual Media, 2015, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp 171-181


[PDF 4.8MB][Video 116MB]





Fast SPH Simulation for Gaseous Fluids

Bo Ren, Xiao Yan, Chen-Feng Li, Tao Yang, Ming C. Lin, and Shi-Min Hu

The Visual Computer, 2015, Vol. 32


[PDF 6.9MB][Video 16.1MB]





Multiple-fluid SPH Simulation Using a Mixture Model

Bo Ren, Chen-Feng Li, Xiao Yan, Ming C. Lin, Javier Bonet, and Shi-min Hu

ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 2014, Vol.33, No.5


[PDF 15.5MB][Video 164MB]


Flow Field Modulation

Bo Ren, Chen-Feng Li, Ming C. Lin, Theodore Kim, and Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2013, Vol.19, No.10


[PDF 5.4MB][Video 36.8MB][Supplemental PDF 3.5MB]


View-Dependent Multiscale Fluid Simulation

Yue Gao, Chen-Feng Li, Bo Ren, and Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 2


[PDF 2.8MB]


Interactive Hair Rendering and Appearance Editing under Environment Lighting

Kun Xu, Li-Qian Ma, Bo Ren, Rui Wang, and Shi-Min Hu

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2011, Vol. 30, No. 6, (ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011)


[PDF 16.8MB]








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